bullet2 Research Papers

An Annotaed Bibliography
Science and Technology Policy in Developing Countries with Special Emphasis on Latin America.

Memorandum to the Cabinet
The Development of Electronic Community Information Networks. This is an exercise in form of a Memorandum to Cabinet (MC) which is the main policy vehicle in Canada. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY AN EXERCISE AND NOT A TRUE MC. Acknowledgement.

Systems of Innovations
Models; Indicators: A Synopsis of Oslo Manual, chapter V; Compendium of Terminoligies and Definitions. (SFU/CMNS, 1995-2)

Science and Technology Indicators
A General Discussion, S&T as a Force of Our time, Innovation and R&D, Indicators, International Standard Manuals, Catalog of major Canadian S&T Indicators, Compendium of Terminologies and Definitions enhanced. (SFU/CMNS, 1995-3; Adam Holbrook & Morley Lipsett)

Compendium of Terms and Definitions
Version 2.0, March 1996.

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